Limited editions, authenticity, price:



1. What is an edition?

An edition is a single impression of a (printed) artwork that has been produced in multiple copies. The Public House of Art works with limited editions which means that only a certain amount of impressions will be issued of the artwork you own. We carefully control the production of editions and strictly keep their number to 30 (unless mentioned otherwise). Every single edition is numbered and signed by the artist.


2. How many editions per artwork?

All photographs come in editions of 30 (unless mentioned otherwise). Unlike other art dealers we do not work with varying numbers of editions. We have chosen for a very small number of editions to make sure the artworks we sell stay exclusive and keep their value as collector’s items.
We work in an open and honest way. While some poster shops announce the number of editions per size (thus hiding the total number of editions) we sell a total of 30 editions per artwork regardless of the size. Simple and straightforward.

3. Why is your art priced lower than that of an expensive gallery?

We do not agree with the snobbish way the art world operates and are here to give it a kick up the arse. We work with limited editions to keep the prices of our artworks affordable. We only commission artists who agree that ART IS FOR ALL.

4. Will this art help my glaucoma?


5. How is it possible that your prices are so low?

ART TO DISRUPT, NOT BANKRUPT we say. And we keep our word by offering affordable art.

6. What proves the authenticity of the work?

All our artworks come with a numbered certificate of authenticity manually signed by the artist.

7. What does the artwork price include?

A confirmation that you’re finally an art collector, redemption of all your sins and eternal glory.
Ok, realistically:
- A limited edition of the artwork of your choice
- Signed, dated and numbered certificate of authenticity
- Shipping costs to wherever you want your artwork shipped
- Insurance until safe arrival at your chosen delivery address

8. What do all these buildings have to do with the artworks? (house, villa, mansion, castle)

House, villa, mansion and castle are the 4 price tiers we work with. If you’re buying a limited edition photograph the price tiers correspond to the size of the artwork:


House: small size
Villa: medium size
Mansion: large size
Castle: extra large size


The actual dimensions are available on every artwork’s page. And because we do not need to overcomplicate anything that can be simple we sell all limited edition artworks in standardized sizes per price tier.

9. What is this art about?

Our artworks are curated and based on a bi-annual theme. The artists let themselves be inspired by it, and so can you, if you want to sound cool next time someone asks.

10. Will my artwork be worth anything in the after sales market?

The exclusive nature of limited edition works makes them potential collector’s items. After we have sold the 30 editions of an artwork we will not produce a single piece more so if there is demand, the price of the artwork you have purchased will raise on the market. Long story short, you’re investing in a rising star! Hopefully you have discovered the next Andy Warhol!

11. Do you offer Kunstuitleen?

At this moment we do not.

12. Will this art help me get laid?

It may very well help. But some mints would not hurt.


Purchase, payment, shipping, return policy:

13. When will my order be shipped?

Once an order has been placed we will process it within a couple of working days. After processing your order your precious parcel will be shipped within 5 to 10 working days depending on options and or finish.

14. Where will my artwork be shipped from?

We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

15. How long will the shipping take?

Shipment within the European Union takes approximately 2-3 working days while for countries outside the EU it might take up to 4-5 days. If you are getting an artwork shipped to a country outside the EU please keep in mind that custom clearance might cause delays.

16. What are the shipping fees?

€0, £0, $0. No matter where you want your artwork shipped.

17. Can I track my shipment?

You definitely can. As soon as your package leaves our premises you will receive an email with a track&trace code. In addition to that customers who have an account on our website can also find the tracking link on their orders page.

18. Will I pay any taxes or customs fees on my order?

As long as you’re situated in the European Union you do not need to pay any import taxes. For non-EU residents, however, import taxes depending on your country of residence may apply.

19. Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel your order any time prior to the moment it gets shipped.
You can also cancel an order that has been shipped but you will have to pay the return shipping yourself. Please get in touch with us via phone (0031 20 240 25 51) or email (info@publichouseofart.com) before you return an order. For more information check 22. Can I return an artwork?

20. How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card and PayPal. We also accept local payment methods for some European countries:
Austria: EPS
Belgium: Bancontact/Mister Cash
Germany: SOFORT Banking and Giropay
Netherlands: iDEAL

21. Why are the art works so well priced?

We believe art is for all: have you been paying attention?

22. Can I return an artwork?

Yes, you can return an artwork within two weeks (14 days) from the date of purchasing.
1. Contact us by using the contact form on the returns page to inform us of your decision to return a purchased artwork.
2. Pack the artwork carefully, in its original wrapping
3. Within 3 days from the moment of informing us ship the return package using a traceable shipping method including transport insurance
We will refund the artwork within 30 days. Damaged artworks will not be refunded.

23. I received an artwork as a present – can I exchange/ return it?

Yes you can return an artwork you have received (please check Can I return an artwork? in exchange for a refund or a voucher for the value of the artwork within 14 days from moment the artwork was purchased.

24. Is my artwork insured?

Your artwork is insured for the period of transportation up to the moment it gets delivered. From then on it’s your own responsibility, but be gentle with it – it’s an awesome piece of art!

25. The delivered artwork is damaged, what do I do?

No worries, you can:
- Get refund
- Have the artwork replaced (if it is replaceable)
- Get a voucher for the value of the artwork
Get in touch with us via phone (0031 20 240 25 51) or email (info@publichouseofart.com) with pictures of the damaged artwork and you will receive a return number with which you will be able to send the artwork back. The shipping is on us.

26. Will my wife ever stop telling me what to do?

Marriage is like trying to grate an avocado. Give it a try and let us know what the outcome is.

27. Can I buy Public House of Art artworks offline?

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39, Amsterdam, the Netherlands is the place to be. More are to come. But beware, the art geeks in our store know so much about art that they can bore you shitless.


28. Why should I make an account?

Because you want to. And you do want to because:


- You can compile a wish list with of all those artworks that have to be yours
- You can track all your orders in one place


Materials, maintenance:

29. What is C-print?

C-print stands for Chromogenic color print. It is a high quality colour print produced through a chemical reaction. Our artists work with photographic paper of supreme quality to guarantee the chemistry between you and your piece of art.

30. What is pigment(inkjet) print on fine art paper?

Some photographs simply look better on fine art paper. While C-print is the right printing technique for some images, the pigment(inkjet) print on fine art paper enhances the colour nuances of others. Following the recommendations of the artists we work with we always advice the best option for the artwork of your choice.
Fine art paper has an intricate texture and therefore absorbs ink especially well. We work with Hahnemühle (among others), the oldest in Europe and definitely the most world-renowned brand of fine art paper to produce images of vibrant colours and stunning depth.
Due to the fragile nature of fine art paper we recommend to always order such photographs mounted on Alu Dibond.

31. Will this art make my husband stop smoking?

Stop telling your husband what to do. He is busy grating an avocado.

32. What is Alu Dibond?

Alu Dibond is the standard display material on which we mount photographs. It consists of a thermoplastic core sandwiched between two layers of archival quality aluminium. The durable Alu Dibond panel makes sure that your artwork will last at least as long as you do.
Photographs mounted on Alu Dibond are ready to hang.

33. What is plexi?

Plexi is a protective, shatter resistant, transparent sheet of plexiglass that you can add to photographs mounted in Alu Dibond. The plexi cover gives images depth while protecting them from humidity, scratches and light.
Plexi sheets come in mat and glossy finish.

34. What is canvas?

Unlike paintings, photographs usually are not printed on canvas but in order to give you that authentic look and feel, we do offer some of our artworks in C-print mounted on a wooden frame covered in raw linen canvas. It looks awesome!
Please note that the canvas option is only available for some of the artworks in our House size.

35. Will this art liberate me?

Acknowledging you need liberation is the first step. By the way, are you still talking about your wife?

36. Does my artwork require any maintenance?

Depends on the artwork. Most of the artworks (especially the ones mounted on Alu Dibond and behind plexi) do not need any special care but here are a few tips on how to keep your photograph nice and shiny for as long as possible:


C-prints (without plexi cover)
Once you hang a C-print on a wall it is basically set. While you hang the photograph though, please wear gloves to protect the surface of the print from greasy fingerprints.
Tip for hygiene maniacs: if you need to clean a C-print it is best to spray the artwork with a compressed air duster keeping the can at a safe distance from the artwork.


C-prints mounted behind plexi cover
A C-print mounted behind plexi cover is the most durable and easily maintained option. Just unpack it, hang it on the wall and enjoy it!
Tip for hygiene maniacs: if you need to clean a plexi surface it is best to avoid using paper (kitchen or toilet paper, tissues). Use microfiber tissues instead. For thorough cleaning we recommend plexiglass cleaning sprays.


Pigment (inkjet) print on fine art paper
Fine art paper is photography’s interpretation of “The Princess and the Pea" – supremely fine but very sensitive. Fine art prints mounted on Alu Dibond are stable and easy to hang but always use gloves while handling them. Try to avoid touching the print.
Pigment prints on Hahnemühle and other types of fine art paper not mounted on Alu Dibond are very fragile – always handle them with gloves and extreme care.
Tip for hygiene maniacs: it is best to avoid cleaning prints on fine art paper, but if necessary – use a compressed air duster keeping the can at a safe distance from the artwork.


We sell art to carry home and put in the living room, or go fabulously with your sofa. But please be smart and don’t put it above your bath tub or heater, even if it goes fabulously with them.

37. Is the artwork ready to hang?

Artworks mounted on Alu Dibond (all works covered with plexi are mounted on Alu Dibond as well), framed artworks and C-prints on canvas are ready to hang.

38. What frames are available?

One thing is for sure – all our artworks are frame worthy. You can get your artwork framed in a stylish wooden white or black frame. To add a splash of glamour, we also offer a special black ornament frame.
All framed artworks come mounted on Alu Dibond and are ready to hang.



39. I’m an artist and I’d like to work with the Public House of Art

That’s great! Send you portfolio to submissions@publichouseofart.com or get in touch with us on info@publichouseofart.com.

40. Will this art assist me getting a raise from my boss?

It depends. If you buy him some he could ignore the fact you have been on this page for the past hour.


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