The Devil Inside Me

No heaven, here.
No hell to be found either.

This is Earth and it’s not all good or bad, black and white. It's grey, or maybe it’s bubblegum pink. We explore the shifting terrain of this creaturely life, from our animal instincts to the curiosity that pushes us to create, nurture and destroy.

The devil can be found everywhere, guiding our habits, our desires, our fears and our needs. Sin is a human invention and therefore it’s flawed. To examine the constructs of morality we go back to its genesis, and it’s all about Eve. One juicy bite out of that apple and with it there came curiosity, desire, knowledge, regret, and the opportunity to grow. Was it really a sin?

The ride is short baby, and you might as well stop lingering and indulge. Take pleasure in the riches of natural selection, succumb to our evolving condition and don’t obsess over mortality. Is this the key to outsmarting the devil?

Take another drag, have another slice, grab his beautiful ass and don't take no for an answer. This is an exhibition about society’s greatest enemy and our best friend: temptation.

Do it,
you know you want to.

You'll thank us later.

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