Identity Kit

Let us tell you a story.

There once was a girl and she was raised in Amsterdam. She didn’t look like her friends but they embraced her anyway. She listened to K-pop, watched Anime, and craved Iranian kormas. She was trilingual. She saw the world online from a very young age and travelled it as she grew. She studied in Denmark, interned in Toronto, and travelled through Namibia. She became beautiful. She found love in India and shattered hearts in Italy. She flew to Beijing to meet her grandmother. She voyaged to Sri Lanka to see the other side of her family.

Through all this she never felt very different, but little did she know, she was the future of us.

A new global citizen without borders.

Identity Kit strives for the recognition of all humans of the 21st Century, irrespective of someone’s genes, gender, or culture. Idealistic? Maybe. Heartfelt? Always. Relevant? F*ck Yes.

We all begin with a basic kit, our mother's arms, environment, and experiences in our youth.

Then we start to notice what we look like, how that affects us, and where we come from compared to where we end up. In the past that was that and our kits stayed small. Today our kits overflow and interlink the world. Whether or not we step foot outside, we can see every detail of the planet, we can hear every melody, we can taste every culture, we get to pick and choose. So who is anyone to say that we should still be categorised, boxed, listed? 

Let’s be honest, everyone is made up of a multitude of personalities that come forward when we need them, like a theatre company. We don’t always have to be the same person. So let’s disregard genetics, let’s throw away gender rules, and let’s disrupt cultural boundaries. Who are you and who am I, really?

Let’s find out. It’s nice to meet you, what’s in your kit?

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