Launched October 2017
The Rijksmuseum is home to the Netherland’s greatest artworks. Over eight hundred years of our glorious history and culture, realised in brushstrokes and framed in gold... with all of the unsavoury bits left out.
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The Devil Inside Me

Launched March 2017
This is Earth and it’s not all good or bad, black and white. It's grey, or maybe it’s bubblegum pink. We explore the shifting terrain of this creaturely life, from our animal instincts to the curiosity that pushes us to create, nurture and destroy.

The devil can be found everywhere, guiding our habits, our desires, our fears and our needs. Sin is a human invention and therefore it’s flawed. To examine the constructs of morality we go back to its genesis, and it’s all about Eve. One juicy bite out of that apple and with it there came curiosity, desire, knowledge, regret, and the opportunity to grow. Was it really a sin?
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Identity Kit

Launched May 2016
There once was a girl and she was raised in Amsterdam. She didn’t look like her friends but they embraced her anyway. She listened to K-pop, watched Anime, and craved Iranian kormas. She was trilingual. She saw the world online from a very young age and travelled it as she grew. She studied in Denmark, interned in Toronto, and travelled through Namibia. She became beautiful. She found love in India and shattered hearts in Italy. She flew to Beijing to meet her grandmother. She voyaged to Sri Lanka to see the other side of her family.
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Launched September 2017
Some consider the essentials as the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the water we drink. Art is a priority as well, not an option. Like the woman in your life…and the sexy side piece you keep in your Parisian apartment (who says you should only prioritize on thing, right?), we all have the fundamentals that shape our surroundings.
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The Awesome

Launched October 2015
That’s what the average guy says. He usually stares at something and goes: “Look at that. Will you look at that? That’s fucking awesome”. The jaw drops, and so does the hot dog he was chewing on.

The average guy always has a hot dog.

It can be anything, really. A new car, a cool sci-fi movie, a freshly baked Lasagna.

But what does the word actually mean?
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