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Posted on November 9th, 2015

Q: Rosa Winkel: The brains and the beauty behind the interior design for the first store of The Public House of Art in Amsterdam. Can you please give us a little introduction to yourself and explain how you started out as an interior designer?


A: My name is Rosa Winkel, I studied fashion at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) in 2007 then I continued my studies at Artemis, an interior design academy in Amsterdam. A few months after I graduated I landed my first big project, at the Volkshotel, Amsterdam. There were to be 9 special rooms designed by different designers. As part of my studies I was working on a concept for Durex, the condom brand, to make it more elegant and seductive and not so cheap. So I decided to revisit this idea and I made a pitch for the room that followed this idea and it worked! The room was called ‘Soixante Neuf’ and for it I created a steel bed that hangs from the ceiling. Through this I got into Frame magazine, a famous magazine for interior designers, sold in Tokyo, Paris and everywhere really, so that was a great kick start.  (img source: Framed Mag)                                                                                                                                                              


Q: What other projects have you done so far? 

A: After that I did a burger bar called Geflipt, again in Amsterdam, which was totally different, two young guys that wanted to open a trendy burger bar that was both cheap and fun. From there I have done some private homes, an office and a kitchen for a big office company. 

Q: Can you explain a little about the process of how you designed the store for The Public House of Art?

A: Well the briefing was very clear. It had to in no way look like a normal gallery. Sid (founder of The Public House of Art) said, “It has to be a fuck you to the art world!” So I started with another design company and we were brainstorming about the concept, and we knew we had to do something totally different, that was engaging, playful and inviting. This is why we have the net, where you can sit and watch art and also the playground tiles on the 1st floor, where a golden climbing frame will be installed so you can see art in a different way by hanging an artwork upside down. Then there is also the vintage bar and the grandma wallpaper. This floral, trademark design was created by The Public House of Art’s graphic designer, Iina Turoma, who did an amazing job as there was so much work put into it. So overall I was challenged to think outside the box and make something totally original, modern and never been done before. 

Q: How did the design for the pyramid come about?

A: Sid and I were just finding a solution of how to fill the space on the ground floor and Sid told me that he found the pyramid from the Louvre in Paris particularly inspiring, so we thought ok, we can do something along those lines to display art. We were so happy with how the first one turned out that Sid decided to do a second one for the first floor. 

Q: Then the maze on the second floor, was that following through with the playful theme?

A: Well the idea of the maze was already in place when I started, the idea of a friend of Sid’s. To be completely honest I was a bit sketchy about it at first, but after a lot of discussion we knew it really had to be an experience. So I created a simple, sleek and stylish design for the space, just 4 extra walls, which I think really works. 

Q: Who is your favourite artist in and out of the store?

A: In the store it is Eric Guo, but I also really like Barbara. I really like the old man, ‘Hephaestus’, I don’t know why but he is so sweet! And then out of the store, I really like Erwin Olaf because of the colours and themes he uses. I think that is one of my favourite styles, but that’s also why I like the little girls in the trains by Shemara, beautiful children with beautiful styling. Then I also absolutely love Sally Mann, in particular the piece ‘Candy Cigarette’.

Q: What kind of art do you have hanging in your own home?

A: I have a lot of things from my father. He is a graphic designer but also an artist. I also have the big Han van Meegeren deer, he is a very famous Dutch forger artist, who recreated works and tried to convince people that they were the actual masters works. 

Q: If you could pick any artist to collaborate with living or dead who would you pick?

A: I would really love to do the interior design of Gary Clark Jr. He is a very nice young rock artist sort of like Jimmy Hendrix. I think it would be amazing to create something for a passionate musician.

 (img: Han van Meegeren, ‘The Fawn’)

Q: Now we’ve kind of had a bit of a running joke asking people we are interviewing what their favourite ice cream flavour is, so what is yours?

A: Hazelnut! 

Thank you Rosa for the interview. Here is a link to her website to check out more of Rosa’s projects:

Author: Charlotte Zajicek 

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