We are not a f*cking gallery!

About us

We believe art is for all.
To adorn the walls of castles
and bedsits. To disrupt not bankrupt.
To move, to shock, to offend
or go fabulously with your sofa. 

We have bi-annual themed,
eclectic shows that are open to all.

We sell photographs in limited editions
and unique one-off sculptures and paintings,
verified by us and signed by the artist.

We believe in housing art that is
affordable yet highly collectable.
That is why our art can go up
in value and status.

We have four price categories,
House, Villa, Mansion and Castle,

House = bottom of the market.
Castle = top of the market.

Find something to love, to covet, to own, to collect,
to carry home and put in the living room.

This is not a gallery.
This is the Public House of Art.

Welcome all.

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